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viagra-online-canadaOne of the first drugs that can effectively combat abuses of erectile dysfunction was Viagra, and today is also available viagra online Canada. The popularity of this drug has been achieved due to the occurrence of the components of the drug, provide excellent effect. Modern generic viagra Canada is identical in composition to such a drug like Viagra, but they differ significantly availability and lower cost. In this case the therapeutic effect of Generic Viagra does not yield a large number of well-known brand of the population.

The drug Viagra was patented by Pfizer, resulting in the implementation of the pharmacological activity of the company cannot use this name for other drugs. Therefore, the drug presented and received the name of Generic Viagra. At the same time to provide a therapeutic effect of a new drug is no different from the original. The duration of the therapeutic effect, the power of influence exerted by the action, as well as the chemical composition has not changed compared to the original Viagra.

Differences of Generic Viagra Brand Viagra can only manifest itself in the amount of tablets, its colors, but the most important and dominant honors Generic Viagra on the original drug advocates its cost because Generic Viagra is much cheaper than the patented analogue of Viagra. Today viagra in Canada also has different names (Malegra, Vectra, Kamagra, Can force et al.), Depending on the manufacturer.

viagra-online-canada1At the moment, there is a wide distribution of this product in the territory of the planet due to its low cost. By virtue of having such an advantage is expected to significantly increase the demand for the purchase of the drug Generic Viagra among people of different countries. This medicine is widespread in other countries, and the most amazing thing is that the leaders among the buyers are men from Western Europe and the US, and this is despite the high level of income in these countries.
The therapeutic effect of pills is achieved by relaxing the muscle of the male genitalia, which leads to dilation of blood vessels in the penis. In view of this, it is carried out more blood flow to the sexual organs of the patient, causing the onset of erection. At the same time throughout the whole sexual act, erection is maintained at a high level. The drug comes in tablet form. Effect of the drug on the human body is observed by an average of about four hours. At the end of sexual intercourse erectile function decreases, returning the penis to its normal state. The appearance of an erection occurs only when sexual stimulation initiatives.

viagra-online-canada2However, despite the widespread drug and the opportunity to buy it in the pharmacy network without prescription, taking it should be done only by prescription of the attending physician, who will indicate the necessary dosage of pills in accordance with the individual needs of each patient. This doctor can identify contraindications to treatment. It must be said that almost no side effects reported, and if they are present, are shown in very mild. Receiving drugs should be carried out within 1-2 hours after eating, argued that a higher degree of absorption of the necessary components of human blood. The action of pills starts in 40 to 50 minutes after administration.